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Masha Dasha Designs where

“art supplies become the art”


I believe in using art supplies and recycled materials to create handcrafted, custom pieces that are uniquely reflective of, and personalized to, their recipients.  I specialize in gifts that celebrate special occasions throughout life from the birth of a child to weddings and anniversaries.


For every gift, I will work with you to pick the color, size and materials of the piece.


Most popular gifts:


  • New Baby

  • Christening/Baby Naming/Bris Gift

  • Birthday

  • Teacher Gift

  • Wedding

  • Anniversary

Materials I love to use:


  • Crayons

  • Colored Pencils

  • No #2 Pencils

  • Rulers

  • Recycled Toys, like Legos and Matchbox Cars

  • Recycled Buttons & Scrabble tiles 

  • Recycled Wine Corks

  • Recycled Golf Tees

I also stock some ready- made pieces. Take a look at some of my latest pieces and let’s get started on yours


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